Summer is on its way

Just a little bit of garden loveliness – the scent of the lilac and honeysuckle has been filling my kitchen all this week.

I love these both these flowers and just wish the flowering period was not so short lived.

Still with both now in bloom it must mean that summer is on its way …..


The job I have been avoiding

Finally last weekend I got round to tackling the greenhouse at home.  It didn’t get used at all last year (apart from a dumping ground) and was in a terrible state.  This before picture doesn’t actually do it justice on just how bad it was!

So slowly we emptied it and found various bits that I didn’t know I had (plus some very dead Autumn sown seedlings from 2011).  A good scrub down with Jeyes fluid all over to rid the slime, plus hundred of spiders later we turn it into this.

I seemed to have never thrown a plant pot away and so I was rationed to only keeping a small selection.  Just need to get planting and seed sowing now and put the clean space to good use.


Finally after months of trying to get a Freecycle shed we resorted to buying one new.  Not the most robust or the prettiest of sheds.  But it will do the job of holding all the tools, provide shelter from the rain and sun and we can get two chairs in there.

And most importantly I get my car free of all the junk that has been going backwards and forwards each weekend.

Anticipation …

A quick visit and a hoe between the rows ….. its growing!!!  The onions seem to have shot up.

Now just waiting patiently for the shed to arrive.  The council have written with approval so its even legitimate (unlike many of the other structures on the plot!)  I gave up waiting for one to come up on Freecycle and bought a new one.  Didn’t really want to spend all that money but the back of my car was just constantly full of gardening tools and every time I needed to carry passengers I had to upload it all back into the house.  
So shed arrives Wednesday and we have arranged for delivery to Cowslip so won’t have to carry it too far.  

Bath and other bits

Another couple of weekends effort and more progress made.  So thrilled with the way the bottom end of the plot is taking shape.

We have dug another two beds ready for planting.  

The weed control fabric is well weighted down and seems to be doing the job of stopping the couch grass rampaging through the plot like it did last year.

And more excitedly more bits planted:

Plus the bath is firmly installed for the blueberries.  When the bath turned up at the plot it did cause a bit of stir.  Think everyone thought I was going to plumb it in!  However now filled with ericaceous compost and three blueberries planted. Lets see if it works to give them the right conditions.

Signs of life

27th April 2013
So exciting!!!!!! First signs of life from the raspberry canes.  They survived the heeling in during the really cold spell in March 🙂

First Plantings

Finally on 20th April I started planting:

Plus 5 x Tadmoor and 4 x Tulameen

And after all that a well earned coffee break!