Success and failure

I hadn’t been up to the plot for a week – the weather and revision had got the better of me over the weekend, so it was with determined effort that I went up last night.

Success – more sweet peas!!!!!  
This crop look a little stronger so hoping for great things there

Failure – munched peas seedlings 😦

 So onwards and upwards as they say – to make up for the munched a crop – planted these mangetout.
I picked up 12 seedlings at the garden centre for a bargain £2.
Courgettes now in the ground – fingers crossed that they take.
Often at home I suffer from powdery mildew so hoping that in the open they fare a bit better.

Au revior college

A parting gift from my last college session – needed the sustenance to plough through the tedious revision on foundations, more foundations and sub bases, kerbs, edgings and haunches.

The cucumber was absolutely delicious by the way – grown in a restored Victorian greenhouse.

First ever sweet pea

For several years I have struggled to grow sweet peas … the seeds will germinate and seedlings grow healthy and strong and then I plant them out and never see a bloom!
I had given up, thinking that I was just rubbish and would look enviously at wigwams of plentiful blooms in other peoples gardens.
This year I was given some unwanted seedlings so planted them up and expected nothing … and this one appeared (and there are more to come!!!)
They are not the strongest plants I have seen but they are producing flowers – so this summer I will have the scent of sweet peas at home 🙂

Evening Light

My favourite time to visit the plot is in the evening.  It is so still, if I go around 8pm most of the dog walkers have gone and the light is wonderful along the brook that cross the meadow.

Signs of Life

I sowed rows of beetroot and radish the other week and finally there are some signs of life (pretty certain these aren’t weeds!)

More plantings

Recent plantings – been doing flying visits over the last week to the plot, as trying to revise for exams.  Also desparate for some decent rain so don’t have to keep watering!