Simple lunch

Now the produce is staring to flow – lettuce, rocket from the back garden and radishes from the plot.  With a wonderful artisan loaf from Hitchin Bakehouse and some lamb steaks (cooking on the bbq outside).  Absolutley delicious.



 This year has seen a few failures already.  The strawberries haven’t grown that well, did produce fruit but then something has munched them all before they ripened.  Want to move them all together next year and cover to keep out the nasties.

Peas have been a bit of a disaster, the first lot got eaten completely by pigeons. The second lot haven’t fared much better with the CDs hanging up – more sturdy cage next year might be needed.  I have managed to havest a few but never enough for a whole portion.

The gaps either side of this post are dead raspberry canes.  These were all Tadmoor and just have failed to thrive.  The Autumn Bliss however are looking like they will have a decent crop this year.

Flip flops

Note to self – don’t wear flips flops to the allotment (unless you want to wash your feet and legs and flip flops afterwards!!!)

Deadheading delight

There is something very relaxing about deadheading, something I am quite able to loose myself in, pottering around the garden, snip snip here and there.
I have visions of living in another era, wearing a floaty dress and a big floppy hat whilst the sound of cricket or croquet is played in the distance, jugs of Pimms clinking on the terrace.

Containers in bloom

 The containers that were planted at Whitsun seem to have finally caught up and are blooming.  All looking very bright and cheerful in the garden.  We have been in the garden so much this year already that the time and investment seems well worth it.