Autumn Leaves

This year the Autumn leaves seem to be hanging on and on and on.  It is late November and still these are all still clinging to the branches.


Ta dah!!!!! Allotment progress

Ta dah!!!!!
This is what happens when you take a lot of free wood, help from family and friends and a bunch of weekends.
Support for fruit tree cordons
Raised beds with wooden pathways
View up to the fruit cage (just awaiting more plants and the netting)
Wires for support

Fishfinger Sandwich

Ever since our trip to RAF Lossiemouth in September I have been craving fish finger sandwiches.  The one in the Officers Mess (no photo unfortunately) was quite something …. so this my own version with home made dill pickles.  I am guessing that a food fit for Tornado pilots is going to keep me going through the day.


Last week one of the primroses that I transplanted from the back garden has started to bloom.  I was bit worried that these wouldn’t survive the dry conditions in the summer as they were planted in the most awful heavy clay soil.  However they have proved to be tough old things. 

Leaf mould

Every Autumn I watch on Gardeners World as they extoll the virtues of making leaf mould.   For several years I had access to the most sublime and inexhaustible supply of  leaf mould.  We could date the age of it through the layers by identifying the year according to crisp packet design!

When we first set up the allotment I penciled in the leaf mould pen in my initial drawing and it so it was constructed.  All summer it has sat there empty, patiently waiting for the seasons to change.

Finally the leaves started to fall and I was out the front of house picking up pile after pile of leaves. (The advantage of living in a garden city is the plentiful supply of trees outside my house.)

The bin is now full and I wait for the leaves to their magical stuff in decomposition.