Headless Women

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Money Trees

Inspired by the  Great British Houseplant Revival, I potted up these plants to give away.  I have always been a fan of houseplants. In fact I can’t remember a time without a houseplant in my life so it was great to see Tom Hart Dyke extolling the virtues of the indoor plant.

Over the years I have managed to sneak more and more in to our house, and since studying horticulture beginning to propagate them.   The specimens below are from a Money Tree (Crassula ovata) that came from my great aunt.  Not quite sure how old my plant is, but I have certainly had it at least 10 years.

Taken from leaf cuttings and placed on the kitchen windowsill these cuttings have taken over a year to grow to this size.   They were given away for Christmas to my office colleagues with strict instructions to look after them!


Apple, Pear and Ginger Mincemeat

The last of the apples and a clutch of Warden pears were turned into mincemeat.  Yet to be baked as I seem to have been given a glut of mince pies.  Think we will wait until end of January when a bit of festive fare may help to perk us all up.