Cider and Apple Sourdough


Baking has taken a bit of a back seat since Christmas, but I did make this loaf a few weekends ago.  Clearing out the drinks cupboard I found the dregs of some rather nasty scrumpy cider left behind at a party.  There were still a few Bramley apples and walnuts from the autumn harvest so the whole lot combined together to make this rather fine looking sourdough.

This was also the first time in using the baking dome and I was really pleased with the result. The dome gave a really good crust and the loaf sure didn’t stay around too long!


The last month ….

It is almost although I had fallen off the face of the earth.  Life has passed by without any posts.  This is not to say that nothing has happened and we haven’t been washed away in the flood water yet.

The last five weeks have seen lots and lots of revision taking place for my RHS Horticulture course.  The exams were last Wednesday and now I can emit a massive sigh of relief and catch up on life.

One constant in my revision, was my revision buddy.  Nearly every session she trotted down to the garden office to ‘assist’ with the studying.

IMG_3231 IMG_3237 IMG_3238 IMG_3242 IMG_3239 IMG_3248

The only downside from such help is the constant stream of additional notes that have been made on my books – all paw print shaped 🙂





The obligatory snowdrop post!  We only have a few in our garden under the privet hedge, every year I keep thinking I should add more but then never seem to get round to it.

I adore snowdrops (but not enough to pay silly prices – these bulbs were from a well known Pound Shop!)

For me they are the sign of things to come, the virginal white of a season yet to be tainted by whatever the climate throws at us.