Signs of Spring



To keep some sanity over the last month, I have tried to sneak a bit of Spring into the house and garden.

The pots of daffodils are plentiful in the supermarket at the moment.  The pots take about a week to bloom and then will last for a week, if not two before they go completely over.  They are much better value then buying bunches all the time.  I went through quite a few of these pots last year and have planted all the bulbs in the bank around the blueberries at the allotment.  Only time will tell if they have survived the wet and will flower.

The primroses were an impulse buy at the checkout and I am not completely happy with them, I wish I gone for a brighter colour rather than the pale yellow as it seems to sit wrongly on the fence.  Anyway once the summer’s here, I will relocate to the bank with the bulbs.

Having followed Purple Podded Peas blog for awhile, I am started to develop an interest with Auricula’s – you can read more about her collection here.  I think that a few more of the pot holders could hold a very good collection against the trellis once the Alpine Strawberry dies down for the winter.


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