We need to have more tulips in the garden …. when the side border was first done, we planted a mass of tulips and daffodils and had a stunning display.  Last summer all the bulbs were dug up with the plan of replanting in the Autumn … however this didn’t happen.

In mid January I found the box of bulbs in the shed and went on a bulb planting mission, putting them in the containers and the remaining were taken to the allotment where I am trying to establish spring flowering bank.  (See post here).

I didn’t manage to establish the bulk that we had originally but was rewarded with a few delights in the garden.






At the allotment the spring bank is starting to establish itself.   The bank is around the bath (yes I did say bath) that holds the blueberries.  I am not too keen on the white plastic surround that shows but am thinking how I can clearly mark the division between the ericaceous compost for the blueberries and the rest of the bank.




First Sweet Peas – Planting


Every year I have visions of growing masses of sweet peas from seed.  I seem to have amassed a range of seed packets and have worked my way through sowing them.  Germination rates are seeming to be variable, these were sown in late February  but those sown in March and April have fared less well.

Spring Bank

As the primroses are staring to go over in the garden pots, I have moved them to the spring bank at the allotment.  (See here for post).  They seem to suffer when they first go in, but the three from last year have pulled through and were looking good in bloom this year.


The blossom on the blueberries is looking good and they have grown considerably in the year so hoping for a good crop – blueberry muffins here we come!


To add some colour later in year I have sown a packet of Poppy Flanders as part of the WWI 100 years remembrance.  I hoped to sow them in the border at home but got rumbled as Mr does not like *positively hates* the foliage of the poppy.



Wild Flowers Part 1

At the end of raised beds are little (or not so little pens) for the fruit trees.  I am experimenting with planting annual flowers in these pens to help the insects (and make the plot look a bit prettier).

On this side I used a pack of wild flower seeds that were given away at Hampton Court last year at the Chris Beardshaw garden.