Andrea Scarf



How could I resist a scarf pattern called Andrea – it was just calling to me to be made!

The pattern was by Libby Summers and available as a kit with her lovely chunky yarn.  Knitted on size 15 needles is only took an evening, however I could see that to fully appreciate the pattern I would need to block it.

I only learnt about blocking this year, in days of working with acrylic it wasn’t necessarily.  However my new found love of natural yarns has meant that blocking is now an essential part of the process. *  It makes SUCH a difference you can not believe!


The finished scarf was ready just as the temperature warmed up in early March and I thought I would have to wait till the Autumn to wear it.  However the recent plummet of temperatures has meant that it has become a warm addition to the winter wardrobe.  The scarf is quite long and so is super warm, I almost can’t wait for the winter to come round again!

* For a really good tutorial on blocking this post by Not So Granny is excellent.





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