Spring Wild flowers

Since starting to appreciate the world of plants, I am being more and more fascinated by those plants that just seem to occur naturally around the garden.

Every patch at the allotment seems to have little clumps of Forget-me-Not.  The clump below was bought home last year and now taken over at the base of a Eucalyptus which is in a container (I have bravely coppiced my single stem, hoping it will produce a multitude of stems for juvenile foliage).  The Forget-me-Not has bloomed and bloomed this year and is doing a good job of covering the rather ugly bare stump.



Under the privet hedge, where the snowdrops are planted, I have obviously added some bluebells at some point.  I don’t remember them flowering last year, but this year I have had one at a time appear.  Not quite the mass planting that are so delightful in our woodlands….





Ornithogalum balansae or Star of Bethlehem is spreading throughout the mess that is our front garden.  I love these delicate flowers and have tried to dig them up to move to the back garden border but never seem to have any success.   I had to stand my ground to stop the strimming of our excuse of an overgrown lawn  just so I could enjoy their very short flowering period.  However googling this morning to check the Latin name, I found that they are on a list of poisonous plants for cats so maybe they should be gone. 



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